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About Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition is a business owned and operated by Kathy Cooper – your wellness expert since 1997

Fully mobile to your home, workplace, or sports venue, Good Nutrition caters to all of your health and wellness needs – acute illness, injury prevention & recovery, chronic illness, preventative health care, and so much more.

Kathy has been a wellness professional since 1997, and started her first wellness business in January 1998. Good Nutrition started up in 2002 when nutritional medicine was added to Kathy’s repetoire. As well as nutritional medicine, Kathy holds professional qualifications in many other things.

  • Reflexology,
  • maternity reflexology,
  • remedial massage,
  • sports massage,
  • pregnancy massage,
  • sports medicine,
  • sports nutrition,
  • nutritional medicine,
  • corrective exercise therapy,
  • Natural Fertility Management,
  • iridology,
  • celloid mineral therapy,
  • Bach flower remedies,
  • astrology,
  • Vitality Longevity & Healthy Aging,
  • and much more.

Kathy specialises in going the extra mile and getting you results that you never dreamed were possible. Just because you have been to other practitioners in the past who were not able to help you, does not mean that there is nothing that can be done to help.

If you have a complex health condition, such as cancer or an autoimmune condition, Kathy can help you. If you have multiple health conditions and are on loads of medications (or your doctor has prescribed you loads of medications that you just would really rather not take) then you should see Kathy. Get the facts on what you can do to support your body and restore your health. Kathy will happily work alongside of your medical team to get you optimal results. Of course, if you have made the decision not to go down the medical treatment pathway then Kathy can still help you.

Maybe your baby or child is not sleeping well, is a fussy eater, or has behavioural problems. Maybe they don’t socialise well with other children. Perhaps they have constipation or diarrhoea or a funny rash that just won’t clear up. Are they sick all of the time? Kathy has a lot of success in helping babies and children to overcome all of these problems, as well as many other issues.

If you are an athlete – whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior – Kathy can help you to perform at your best and reduce your time out from your sport. Kathy keeps up to date with WADA regulations and will never recommend anything that could jeopardise your future in your sport.

Even if you are currently fit and well, you should see Kathy to get a wellness program – to fully optimise your wellness, and to keep you well.

Kathy believes that everyone has the right to be truly well, and that it is possible.

If you want standard results, see a standard practitioner. If you want extraordinary results, see Kathy Cooper.

You can book your Good Nutrition appointment online now.